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USA / American Manufacturers of Waste Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Trash Cans, Smoking Receptacles, Bellman Carts, Luggage Carts, and Crowd Control Systems.
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Recycle-Pro Cover Choices

Cover Openings for Recycle-Pro 1 Single Purpose and Recycle-Pro Value Series Receptacles
Cover Openings for Recycle-Pro 2 Dual Purpose Receptacles
Cover Openings for Recycle-Pro 3 Triple Purpose Receptacles

Recycle-Pro Stock Messages

The following is a list of standard silk screens that are in stock and available to you. These messages can be applied to almost all Glaro receptacles whether designated as a Recycle Pro Recycling Receptacle or not.

Note: On Recycle-Pro 1 Single Purpose and Value Receptacles, Your Message will be Imprinted on the Front of the Receptacle along with the International "Recycle" Logo. On Recycle-Pro 2 Dual Purpose and Recycle-Pro 3 Triple Purpose Receptacles, the International "Recycle" Logo is Imprinted on the Front of the Receptacle and Your Message is Imprinted on the Cover Next to its Corresponding Opening.

Glaro Custom Messages
Glaro has a complete in-house silk screening department. Please ask us about custom messaging and logos that can be prepared in a few days time. We will design new art or utilize the art you supply to us. We will screen the image onto any receptacle, sign panel or other Glaro product to provide the most attractive, durable, and professional message.