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USA / American Manufacturers of Waste Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Trash Cans, Smoking Receptacles, Bellman Carts, Luggage Carts, and Crowd Control Systems.
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Glaro Glider
Premium 6 Wheel Bellman Carts

Features and Benefits

The Glaro Glider Collection
Glaro Glider Bellman Carts 6600 Series
6600 Series

Glaro Glider Bellman Carts C2 Convenience Rails
CR2       Convenience Rails

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Features & Benefits of the
Premium 6 Wheel Bellman Carts

Durable, NO TARNISH Finish
The Permanent Satin Brass and the Satin Aluminum Finishes both have a specially formulated clear epoxy coating so that they will never tarnish and never need polishing. The sturdy, heavy gauge aluminum frame with Glaro's clear coat finish withstands weather and rough handling far better than other metal finishes.

Pinpoint Maneuverability, Deluxe Six Wheel Carts
Push, Pull from Either End, No front, No backā€¦ Equally maneuverable from either end of the cart. The 6 wheel configuration provides ultimate control in a cart that literally spins in place. It's also easier to turn corners without bumping walls and easier to get in and out of elevators and tight places.

Better Tires for a Smoother Ride
Eight inch diameter "Glaro Glider" pneumatic tires carry 150% heavier loads than conventional carts and make "normal loads" much easier to push or pull. (High quality solid core tires are also available upon request.)

Built Solid, Built Strong, Built to Last
Heavy gauge steel, double welded chassis with an oven baked rust preventative coating will handle heavy loads and last a lifetime.

...And More
The extra thick, solid, waterproof deck will endure use and abuse. Edges are protected with matching, finished extruded metal trim and a thick, non-scuff soft rubber bumper that protects your walls, furnishings and the cart itself.

Glaro Bellman Carts are also available in 27 Designer Powder Coat finishes.
The 100% Olefin, durable closed loop carpet is available in 7 popular colors and can be customized and/or replaced in the field when and if desired. Choose either black or gray wheels and bumper to personalize your cart.

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