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USA / American Manufacturers of Waste Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Trash Cans, Smoking Receptacles, Bellman Carts, Luggage Carts, and Crowd Control Systems.
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Bellman Carts

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Signature Bellman Cart/Luggage Cart
Signature Bellman Carts
Ball Crown  Bellman Cart/Luggage Cart
Premium Ball Crown Cart
 Premium  Bellman Carts/Luggage Carts
Premium Bellman Carts
 High Roller  Bellman Carts/Luggage Carts
High Roller Bellman Carts
 Condo Carts
Condo Carts
 Deluxe Bellman Carts / Luggage Carts
Deluxe Bellman Carts
Deluxe Bellman Carts / Luggage Carts
Deluxe Bellman Cart
Value Plus Bellman Carts / Luggage Carts
Value-Plus Bellman Carts
Value Max Bellman Carts / Luggage Carts
Value-Max Bellman Carts
Value Bellman Carts / Luggage Carts
Value Bellman Carts
Platform Trucks and Utility Carts
Platform Trucks

The Benefits of a Six Wheel Bellman Cart, Click Here

Bellman Carts and Hotel Luggage Carts For Hotels, Casinos, Resorts And Hospitality Facilities Manufactured by Glaro

Glaro Bellman Carts are the most innovative and versatile hotel luggage carts available anywhere. Glaro Bellman Carts, luggage carts and utility platform trucks meet our high quality standards and are customizable.

The maneuverability of these well built carts for hotel and facility luggage transport, even when fully loaded, is unsurpassed. Glaro Bellman Carts provide a smooth, quiet ride due to the exceptional engineering.

  • The six wheel Premium Glaro Bellman Carts work extremely well in tight spaces and these bellman carts are easily maneuvered regardless of whether the operator is pushing or pulling these bellman carts.

  • The four wheel Deluxe Glaro Bellman Carts are built to last and are competitively priced.

  • The High Roller Glaro Bellman Carts have 30% more luggage capacity than other bellman carts and, in addition, have 4 hanger bars and 4 double utility hooks.

  • The Value Collection of Glaro Bellman Carts are economical.

  • The Condo Style Glaro Bellman Carts are highly functional and are engineered for personal self service use. These tough Bellman Carts have been specially designed with removable shelves so that these bellman carts can transport a large cargo of diversified items.

Glaro Bellman Carts, also known as Bell Carts, are available in satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass, and 27 textured and smooth powder coated baked on designer finishes over a rust-proof aluminum frame. Customize bellman carts by utilizing a combination of handsome Glaro metal and powder coated finishes. Glaro Luggage Carts are available with a custom logo imprinted on the carpet. All Glaro Bellman Carts are fully manufactured in the USA for indoor/outdoor use. All Bellman Carts are shipped within two to five days. A two year factory warrantee applies to all Glaro Bellman Carts.