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USA / American Manufacturers of Waste Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Trash Cans, Smoking Receptacles, Bellman Carts, Luggage Carts, and Crowd Control Systems.
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Glaro Condo Carts

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Condo Carts
High Roller Condo Carts
Value Condo
Value Condo Carts

The Benefits of a Six Wheel Bellman Cart, Click Here


Glaro Condo Carts

After years of evaluating special requests from various types of properties and consulting with property managers, Glaro has developed a special bellman cart to satisfy their needs.  As a result, Glaro designers have developed a new and innovative concept.  By adding removable shelves to existing Glaro Glider Bellman Carts, a new cart that is highly versatile was born.  All shelves have removable side containment rails on both sides, in order to better secure contents during transport.  The new cart, named the Glaro Glider Condo Cart, with its added shelves, now handles a high capacity of small and large diversified items including luggage, shopping bags, clothes, golf clubs, sports equipment, audio-visual equipment, conference supplies, housekeeping supplies, and any packages that are transported in any type of facility.  Upscale condo carts for hotels, condo carts for condominiums, condo carts for clubs, condominium carts for healthcare facilities, condo carts for airports, and even condo carts for university dorms, are available from Glaro!  These highly functional and attractive high capacity condo carts are often referred to as luggage carts, bellman carts, or utility carts, but remain essential transport vehicles in hospitality, educational, commercial, government, and even residential settings!

Two basic models of Glaro Condo Carts are available.  The “High Roller Condo Cart” features an extra high capacity curvilinear design constructed with one and a half inch diameter solid aluminum tubing and two removable shelves in addition to the base platform.  This allows for four configurations, enabling the user to maximize the use of space for each and every trip regardless of the sizes and shapes of the cargo.  Four double hooks are included to conveniently transport hanging clothes, items with straps, and other valuables.  These features provide an unprecedented level of efficiency that saves time and wear and tear on the facility because fewer trips are needed.  The second more economical model, the “Value Condo Cart”, is constructed of one inch diameter tubing and has one removable shelf in addition to the base platform.  Two solid aluminum disc hooks are provided to hang items.  All of the other attributes of the Value Condo Cart are the same as the High Roller Model.  Both condo cart models are offered with carpet and optional vinyl coverings for the base platform and shelves.  Optional custom carpet logos are also available.  Vinyl base covering is ideal where extra durability and the ability to sanitize the surface is desired.

Glaro Condo Carts are unique because, in addition to the standard four wheel design, they are available in Glaro’s six wheel proprietary design, delivering unsurpassed pinpoint maneuverability.  The six wheel engineering provides guaranteed ease and efficiency while moving heavy loads.  Solid rubber wheels, in black or gray, are standard; however, pneumatic wheels are optional.   

As always, all Glaro products, including the new condominium carts, are offered in 31 finishes.  Metal finishes include satin aluminum as well as tarnish free satin brass, plus 29 more tough powder-coated painted finishes, including gloss brass and gloss chrome.

Glaro Condo Carts, like all Glaro products, are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Glaro craftsmen and are shipped within a few days.


Features and Benefits

  •  Maximum Vertical Capacity

  • Tarnish Proof Satin Brass Finish

  •  Constructed in Rust Proof Satin Aluminum

  • Choice of 29 Powder Coated Designer Finishes

  • Heavy Duty Steel Chassis

  •  Removable Carpeted or Vinyl Covered Shelves

  • Removable Containment Rails on Two Sides

  • Four and Six Wheel Models

  •  Full 8” dia. Solid Rubber Wheels

  • Optional Pneumatic Wheels

  • All Weather Indoor/Outdoor Construction

  • Non-Marking Bumper – black or grey

  • 1500 lbs. Capacity High Roller Model has 4 Double Hooks

  • Value Model has 2 Disk Hooks

  • Choice of 40” and 48” lengths