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Glaro Half Round "Profile"
All Metal Recycling Receptacles

 Half Round Floor Standing & Wall Mounted Recycling Receptacles

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half round recyling half round recyling

18” Wide - 14 and 16 Gallon Capacity
Half Round Recycling Receptacles

Standard 18“ wide half-round recycling receptacles are perfect for use in tight areas and where pedestrian traffic is light.  These models have a 14 or 16 gallon capacity and fit comfortably in lobbies, rest rooms, by elevators, in hallways, against columns, meeting rooms, and in other small or light traffic spaces.  Optional wall mounting brackets.

24” Wide - 24 and 29 Gallon Capacity Half Round Recycling Receptacles

Large Capacity 24“ wide half-round recycling receptacles are perfect for busy pedestrian traffic areas.  All models have a 29 gallon capacity.  These units are ideal for use in rest rooms, corridors, entrance and exits, vending machine areas, health clubs, by elevators, in hallways, outdoor facilities, and other spaces that require additional trash capacity.  Optional wall mounting brackets are available.. 

Download the printable color PDF brochure for the
24” wide models here.

Space Saving Half Round “Profile” Designer Recycling Receptacles  

These space-saving half-round recycling receptacles are the product of choice for use against walls, columns, and partitions.  Manufactured with steel and aluminum, these half-round, recycling receptacles feature rustproof aluminum bottoms and full width aluminum piano hinged covers.  They are specifically designed and finished to match and coordinate with the look and feel of all Glaro product lines to create consistency.  This collection consists of a variety of half-round recycling receptacles.  All products are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Glaro Inc.

Top Opening Shapes for Half-Round Recycling Receptacles

Choose from six models: Models with hinged tops include: (1) an attractive and stylish half-round opening that match the covers’ shape primarily used for trash, (2) a 5.5" diameter round opening primarily used for bottles and cans, (3),  a 2.5” x 9.5” slot primarily used for paper, (4) a multi-purpose round hole centered on a wide slot primarily used for paper and bottles and cans,  and (5) dual purpose top models with two openings. (6) An economy open top model is also available. 

Download a brochure of our 18” models now
Download a brochure of our 24” models now.

Optional Wall Mounting Bracket for Half Round Recycling Receptacles

Maximize available space and keep floors easy to maintain.  All models are easily mounted to the wall with Glaro’s optional wall mounting bracket.

Silk Screen Printed Messages and Logos for Recycling Receptacles

Glaro always provides a choice from its large selection of messages.  The message “waste “ is provided without the recycling logo whereas all other recycling related messages are supplied with the international recycling logo.  In addition a custom message, logo, or graphic can easily be applied to any Glaro product for a nominal fee.  Our graphics department can assist you with the art work and submit a proof for your approval.  Be assured that every Glaro product may have a long lasting quality silk screened message/logo that is baked on to withstand years of cleaning and exposure.  Labels and decals are never used on Glaro receptacles.

 Finishes for Half Round Recycling Receptacles

Solid aluminum models are available in clear baked powder coated satin aluminum (SA), or tarnish proof satin brass (BE).  Galvanized steel models with aluminum covers are available in 29 textured and smooth powder coated finishes with a choice of satin aluminum (SA), tarnish-proof satin brass (BE), or a matching powder coated finish for the hand spun aluminum covers.  An attractive customized look can easily be accomplished from this large selection.  It’s easy to obtain a customized look by choosing the same or a different finish for the top cover and the body to obtain the optimal “look” that satisfies the eye.  In addition, these products will coordinate and match beautifully because the same 31 finishes are available across the various Glaro product lines.

Authentic color samples are available upon request.  A color chart  may be downloaded here.  Please keep in mind that colors shown may vary from the actual colors. 

An attractive customized look can easily be accomplished by choosing from the broad selection of finishes. It’s easy to obtain a customized look by choosing the same or a different finish for the top and the body.  In addition, these products will coordinate and match beautifully because the same finishes are available across the various Glaro product lines.

Download and Print a Color Brochure

Download the half round receptacles brochure for full specs, photos and design options on all Glaro half round “Profile” receptacle models.


Features and Benefits for Glaro 18” and 24” Wide “Profile” Half Round
Floor Standing and Wall Mounted Recycling Receptacles

        Standard 18” and large 24” wide sizes available

        Finely crafted sophisticated upscale design

        Low profile space saving design

        Large selection of top openings and dual purpose tops

        Durable concealed piano hinged lid for easy access

        Large selection of silk screened baked-on messages

        Custom messages and logos are available

        Includes plastic inner liner (except Open Top models & Value Series)

        Choose the finish combination for lid and body separately

        Multiple models in each size

        Floor standing design

        Wall mounting option facilitates routine floor maintenance

        ADA Compliant

        Heavy gauge aluminum or galvanized steel construction

        Built for indoor and outdoor use

        Custom silk screened messages/logos available

        Manufactured with recycled metals in the U.S.A.

Glaro customer service and sales representatives are available to discuss your specific recycling and waste receptacle needs.  They can help you determine the most suitable receptacle for your application.  Please contact us at 1-888-234-1050 today.

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