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USA / American Manufacturers of Waste Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Trash Cans, Smoking Receptacles, Bellman Carts, Luggage Carts, and Crowd Control Systems.
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Glaro Press Room
 Official Glaro Inc. News and Company Announcements 

The Glaro press room helps highlight important Glaro news updates as well as new Glaro product launches. The press room is also a helpful resource for Glaro dealers/distributors to stay informed and up to date as well as our Glaro Facebook page. For news and media inquiries, please contact Robert Betensky at 631-234-1717, or email info@glaro.com.


Recent Press Releases    

April 2014 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Announces Low Maintenance, Aluminum Bellman Carts As Product Of The Month

March 2014 Glaro News

Companies All Over the U.S. Are Preferentially Using Domestically Manufactured Waste Receptacles, Says Glaro Incorporated in Recent Interview
Domestically Manufactured Waste Receptacles


Febr. 2014 Glaro News

Manufacturer Glaro Incorporated Shares How Wet Umbrella Bag Holders Have Become Fixtures of Absolute Necessity in Buildings to Improve Safety


Jan. 2014 Glaro News

USA Receptacles Manufacturer Glaro Inc. Announces The Most Diversified Selection Of Recycling Receptacles


Dec. 2013 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Shares Four Lobby Furnishing Tips to Create a Coordinated, ‘Designer’ Look in Every Commercial or Public Building


Nov. 2013 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Reaches Major “Green” Milestone with New U.S. Certified Solar Electric Panel System


Oct. 2013 Glaro News

Leading USA Manufacturer of Bellman Carts and Platform Trucks, Glaro Inc., Announces Universal Quick Ship Program


Sept.2013 Glaro News

High Performance Glaro Glider Bellman Carts Make Guest Appearance In Departures Magazine 


August 2013 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Shares Unique Benefits of Fire Resistant All Metal Waste and Recycling Receptacles


July 2013 Glaro News

Glaro Helps Buildings in USA Prepare Now for Inclement Weather


June 2013 Glaro News

In Preparation for the Busy Travel Season, Glaro Inc. Offers Three Tips for Selecting Attractive, High Functioning Trash Receptacles and Waste Receptacles


May 2013 Glaro News

Glaro Incorporated Celebrates 68 Years as Original American Manufacturer of Crowd Control Equipment and Queuing Systems 


April 2013 Glaro News

In Preparation for Spring Travel Season, Glaro Inc. Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Bellman Carts for Hotels, Condos, Airports, and Other Properties


March 2013 Glaro News

USA Receptacles Manufacturer Glaro Inc. Announces A Faster Way To Ship Custom Finished Designer Waste & Recycling Receptacles


February 2013 Glaro News

USA Recycling Receptacle Manufacturer, Glaro Inc., Announces New Way to Use Universal Receptacle Connectors to Create Recycling Stations


January 2013 Glaro News

USA Manufacturer of Recycling Receptacles, Glaro Inc., Offers Three “Go Green” Tips to Picking the Right Recycling Receptacles for Your Facility


December 2012 Glaro News

American Manufacturer Glaro Inc. Announces Brand New “Workhorse” Line Of Innovative Platform Trucks With Unique High Performance Design And Aesthetic Features


November 2012 Glaro News

USA Manufacturer Glaro Inc. Announces Crowd Control Solutions And New Elite Rail System To Help Busy Facilities Meet The Expectations Of Their Visitors


Octoberer 2012 Glaro News

Glaro Incorporated Expands “Made In America” Waste Receptacles By Hiring Additional Staff


September 2012 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Distributors Positioned For Fast Order Turnarounds As Glaro Ramps Up Its Stock Of Coat Hanging And Umbrella Stand Lines  


August 2012 Glaro News

Glaro Introduces New Models of Fall and Winter Wall Mounted Coat Racks, Coat Trees and Coat Tree/Umbrella Stand Combinations 


July 2012 Glaro News

US Government Selects American Manufacturer Glaro Inc. to Supply Customized Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles Throughout Government Branches 


June 2012 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Goes Into High Gear To Help The Hospitality Industry Upgrade Bellman Carts And Luggage Carts In Preparation For The Busy Summer Travel Season


May 2012 Glaro News

Glaro Inc. Announces New Recycling Receptacle Solutions to Help Building Owners and Management Companies Properly Collect Recyclable Cans, Bottles, and Paper


April 2012 Glaro News

Leading USA Manufacturer of Waste and Recycling Receptacles, Glaro Inc., Announces Solution to Facility Managers’ Janitorial Problems Through Unique Quick Ship Program 


March 2012 Glaro News

Glaro Ships Crowd Control Posts with a Choice of 31 Finishes in One to Three Days


February 2012 Glaro News

15 Models and 31 Finishes of Glaro Glider Bellman Carts Fast Ship in Three to Four Days

Download Press Release PDF


January 2012 Glaro News

Metal Receptacle Manufacturer Glaro Incorporated Announces One To Three Day Ship Time For Over 2500 Products Made In The USA

Download Press Release PDF


December 2011 Glaro News

Glaro Introduces The Value Line of RecyclePro Recycling Receptacles, Part of The Largest, Most Versatile Selection of Metal Recycling Receptacles & Recycling Containers

Download Press Release PDF


November 2011 Glaro News

Glaro Releases New Product Lines of Aluminum Shelving, Coat Racks, Umbrella Stands and Wet Umbrella Bag Holders for Immediate Shipment

Download Press Release PDF