"Glaro-Glider" Bellman Carts & Hotel Luggage Carts

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Glaro, Inc. is a leading USA manufacturer of bellman carts, luggage carts, and upscale platform trucks for hotels, casinos, resorts, hospitality, universities, condominiums, airports, and for any other facility. This innovative line offers a diverse selection of aesthetically appealing, enhanced performance, low maintenance, extremely durable carts that are built to last.

Every cart has an elegant, sophisticated look that fits well into any space. The “Glaro-Glider” Collection provides a selection of designs to choose from in four and six wheel models that handle high volume, and have various finishes, wheel types, bumper systems, and accessories.

“Glaro-Glider” Carts Deliver High Performance

Built for both indoor and outdoor use, Glaro’ s bellman, hotel, and condo carts are designed to move with ease and demonstrate great control over uneven and rough surfaces. The superior performance is the result of innovative engineering and design. The 8” caster configuration and quality also contribute to the ease with which “Glaro-Glider” carts can be handled, even with heavy loads, in extreme weather conditions.

Six Wheel “Pinpoint Maneuverability”

These unique models provide unmatched form and function. Glaro six wheel bellman carts have proven to accomplish challenging tasks. Built with the user in mind, the carts are specifically designed to pivot in place on an axis. Glaro has coined the term for this feature as “Pinpoint Maneuverability” which insures the user maximum control with minimum effort. They have hi-tech swivel casters mounted in each corner and two rigid casters in the center of the chassis providing a pivot point. Because of the 8” caster size, quality, and configuration, operating the carts from either end is just as efficient. The operator can maintain complete and safe control. This high level of accuracy is especially useful in maneuvering around elevators, corners and through tight spaces. Damage to walls and door frames is greatly reduced when carts can be controlled so easily.

Four Wheel Design

Glaro offers a four wheel version for each cart design. These models parallel the six wheel models by conveniently moving luggage, supplies, and equipment. Two swivel and two fixed position casters are included. Glaro four wheel models have a wider turning radius than the Six Wheel carts and have almost as high a load capacity.

Create and Customize Your Bellman Carts

Our bellman carts have seven carpet color choices (burgundy, navy blue, gray, brown, hunter green, black, & beige) as well as two metal finishes (tarnish proof satin aluminum and satin brass) and 29 designer powder coat finishing options. View Color Options here. Finish and carpet samples are available. Custom carpet logos are offered for larger orders. Optional solid rubber wheels and removable side containment rails are also available. Wheels and bumper colors can be selected to coordinate with the metal finish. Carts are 24″ wide and available in lengths of 48”, 40”, and 35 inches. Six wheel carts are available in 48″ or 40″ inches in length only.

Tough Durable Finishes

Glaro carts are available in 31 finishes. Finishes include satin aluminum, tarnish proof satin brass, and 29 textured and smooth powder coat finishes. All of these finishes are baked onto specially prepared aluminum to insure a lasting bond.

Built to Last

Bellman Carts provide a smooth, quiet ride due to the exceptional engineering and true craftsmen working at the Glaro Headquarters in Long Island, New York. Because they are constructed with aluminum frames, Glaro’s carts are corrosion proof. Heavy duty frames and chassis are built to be used indoors and outdoors. These carts never need polishing because high grade heavy gauge satin polished aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass finishes are utilized. Gloss clear high temperature baked powder coatings are used over the satin aluminum and satin brass finishes. These finishes always look clean, streak free, and never show finger prints.

Hand Made and Rigorously Tested in the USA

Glaro parts are manufactured by hand and then rigorously tested with our quality control system. Our quality standards ensure that each cart will perform for years.

Specialized Customer Service for Bellman Cart Products

If you would like assistance selecting a Glaro cart, a Glaro customer service representative or sales specialist can be reached without delay at 1-888-234-1050. We are happy to provide samples of carpet colors and finishes upon request. Download our brochures with full product line specifications above.

Carts Ship via UPS

Glaro carts ship K.D. (knocked down) keeping freight costs low.

Features and Benefits

  • 48”, 40”, and 35” lengths
  • Choice of design series
  • 1500 lb. plus load capacities
  • Models with extra high volume capacity
  • Six and four wheel hi-performance models
  • Six wheel models offer unsurpassed “pinpoint maneuverability”
  • Eight inch diameter non-marking ball bearing pneumatic and solid rubber casters
  • Non-marking bumpers and casters
  • Built for indoor/outdoor use
  • Closed loop commercial all-weather carpeting
  • Choice of deck coverings: seven carpet colors and two vinyl colors
  • Satin aluminum and tarnish-proof satin brass metal finishes
  • 29 baked on smooth and textured powder coat finishes
  • Tough steel chassis with rust preventative bake coating
  • Heavy gauge rustproof aluminum tubular frame
  • Optional removable containment rails
  • Manufactured with recycled materials
  • Carts are post-consumer recyclable
  • Two year factory warrantee
  • Ships UPS – KD resulting in lower freight costs