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FDA Approved Antibacterial Wipes Now Available From Glaro Inc.

This month, Glaro Inc. has released “Expanded Use” antibacterial wipes. Strong enough to kill tough germs and safe enough to use on hands, Glaro Inc. wet wipes are among the most effective, versatile wipes available. Our antibacterial wipes have three key advantages: Kills 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds....

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Why Wet Wipes Are A Growing Opportunity for JanSan Dealers

JanSan Dealers: The New Year is upon us, and opportunity knocks. With a growing awareness of how FDA approved surface wipes kill harmful germs as well as an understanding about the key differences between personal wipes and commercial surface wipes, facilities across the U.S. ranging from gyms to supermarkets...

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Three Key Areas Every Gym Should Place A Disinfectant Wipe Dispenser

Cleanliness varies among gyms and is an important factor in deciding whether or not to become a member. How clean and sanitary a gym remains is also important to members when they need to decide if they will renew. Proper gym etiquette means wiping down equipment after it’s been,...

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Tips For How To Choose A Bellman Cart When You Can’t See A Sample

Today, almost all bellman carts are purchased based on research and information users can find online. Look for a website that clearly presents and explains the features and benefits of its carts. Now, if you are not in a position to evaluate a cart in person before buying it,...

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What Size Umbrellas Fit Into Glaro Wet Umbrella Bags?

­Glaro Inc. wet umbrella bags are designed to fit umbrellas of all sizes, including standard and tote sizes. Glaro bags are 31” h X 7” w, making them among the largest umbrella bags available. A separate bag system is not required for tote umbrellas because Glaro bags are designed...

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Will Glaro Inc. Wet Umbrella Bags Fit Onto The Stands Of Non-Glaro Brands?

If you are researching wet umbrella bags and want to know if Glaro’s bags will fit into the stands of non-Glaro brands, read below: Glaro Inc. wet umbrella bags are designed with two elongated whole openings that are spaced approximately 3.25” on center. Each horizontally elongated slot is approx....

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Seven Practical Ways for Dealers To Use The Glaro 2015 Full Line Product Listing

Glaro Inc.’s new Full Line Product Listing is an excellent resource for dealers looking to expand sales and reach new customers. It is an 8.5” x 11” full color, printable PDF available on the Glaro “Dealer Center” menu tab of the website. Please note that Glaro Inc. is...

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Glaro Incorporated Is Celebrating 70 Years In Business

When 2015 begins, Glaro Inc. will celebrate seventy years in business! The company has grown since its first product was fabricated out of a basement in the Bronx in 1945. However, even as Glaro has evolved, one thing has never changed: it is still an original American manufacturer. We...

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De-clutter Rooms & Maximize Storage Space With These Coat Hanging Equipment Tips

Take a departure from traditional coat hanging equipment and try some of these space-saving coat hanging equipment products. Space is at a premium in most buildings. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to significantly save floor space and maximize vertical space. Here are some tips from Glaro Inc. on...

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What Five Qualities Are the Most Important When Selecting Coat Hanging Equipment

What is important when selecting coat hanging equipment such as coat trees, wall mounted coat racks, wall mounted shelving, coat hangers, wall mounted coat hooks, and wardrobe racks? The tips below will help you pick the right coat hanging equipment for your facility: Capacity Capacity needs will shape what...

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