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Seven “Greener” Ways To Manufacture Products In The USA

How can American manufacturers become “Greener”?   Going “Green” is not only the right thing to do but it also makes practical business sense. Below are seven proactive ways that USA manufacturers are becoming better environmental stewards while operating more cost effectively. Solar electric panel systems American manufacturers looking...

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Are Your Bellman Carts & Luggage Carts Really Made In America?

We have all seen ‘Made In America’ labels on our products, but how many of us have thought about what it really means? To bellman cart manufacturer Glaro Inc., ‘Made In America’ is about trust.  It’s a shared belief that you can get quality and reliable, durable, long-lasting products...

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Glaro Glider Bellman Carts Showcased In Departures Magazine

Dear Customers and Dealers, We are pleased to announce that Glaro’s Signature Series Bellman Cart model #8868 with ball crown top and six wheels is currently being featured in Departures Magazine.  A full page ad by company Net-A-Porter.Com shows Glaro’s satin brass cart fully loaded with luggage on Fifth...

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Why Do Metal Waste and Recycling Receptacles Outperform Plastic Receptacles?

When we purchase any product, such as a waste receptacle, there are many costs and benefits to consider in addition to price. While a cheaper price may be an advantage in the short run, it may come with hidden costs to you, your building guests and even your profits....

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What are the advantages of having wet umbrella bag holders and umbrella stands in your facility year-round?

In recent years, many people have reported changing weather patterns resulting in damage to the environment and to buildings.  All business, facility, and property managers for small as well as large operations recognize the risk of dangerous wet and slippery floors as a result.  To avoid this serious exposure...

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Three Ways Your Trash Receptacles Can Enhance Your Building Décor and Make Your Building Outstanding

When you think about trash receptacles, you think about the utilitarian nature and functional aspect first. And it’s true: trash cans serve a purpose.  They do a job. But they can do much more than work.  After all, receptacles are located in public areas seen by everyone passing by...

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Why A Single Queuing Line May Be The Single Most Important Thing You Do In The Front Of House

  “Any system that is inefficient will inevitably be replaced by a better one that is able to create a better outcome for all parties.”  – Glaro Inc. Remember when hotdogs were 25 cents?  Or when a movie ticket was $4.95? We all have memories of the past and...

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This Spring 2013, Glaro Inc. Offers Tips for Selecting the Right Bellman Carts for Hotels, Condos, Airports, and Other Properties

Special Glaro News Update Hauppauge, NY (Press Release) May 01, 2013 (taken from Glaro Inc., a leading USA manufacturer of bellman carts, luggage carts, and upscale platform trucks known widely for its innovative “Glaro Glider” carts, has taken proactive steps to make sure that buildings and properties across...

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“Inside Glaro” Series: Pinpoint Maneuverability, Conceiving The Future of Bellman Carts

Not all bellman carts are made equal. Not when maneuverability is a priority. Over the years, we at Glaro Inc. have found that most carts on the market were hard to push and pull or could only be used from one end. Many carts could not hold heavy loads...

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5 Reasons Satin Finishes on Aluminum Waste Receptacles “Out-Shine” and “Out-Perform” Other Receptacles

Glaro Inc. is well known for its versatile finishing options that include 29 smooth and baked powder coated colors and two ‘all metal’ finishes.  Today we would like to share one of the timeless classics: Glaro’s Satin Aluminum (SA) finish. A Satin Aluminum finish starts with a hand spun...

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