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The Advantages of Decorative or Designer Waste Receptacles

Trash receptaclesand recycling receptacles provide a solution for waste disposal. All too often, waste receptacles are poorly located, are in poor condition, or are simply not appealing enough for people to use.  Sometimes, building managers place sub-standard receptacles in low visibility areas because they are unsightly.  The result could...

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Six Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing Bellman Carts & Luggage Carts

Here is some helpful advice from Glaro Incorporated to help make the selection and purchase of luggage carts easy: How Fast Can They Ship Many people do not realize that bellman and luggage carts are available in the USA for shipment within three days of order. There is no...

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7 Tips For Making Sure You Have The Right Recycling Receptacles In Your Building

Most of us agree that recycling cans, bottles, paper and other recyclables is important.  Crafting an appropriate recycling program and identifying the right recycling receptacles, bins and containers to use in a building takes some thought. Here are seven tips: Think Ahead, Know Your Volume Know your recycling volume...

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The Truth About Half Round Waste Receptacles: What Every Facility Manager, Interior Designer, Dealer, & Purchasing Agent Should Know

Today we take a brief look into Glaro Incorporated’s half round waste receptacles. While Glaro has always provided full size metal waste receptacles for its customers, we’ve seen a lot of growth in the half round receptacles category, especially in the past two years. Here are some reasons why...

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How To Shop For Crowd Control Posts, Stanchions, Belts and Ropes

So often people know that they need some type of crowd control management product, but of all the choices on the market today, they don’t know which product to choose.  After all, there are retractable strap posts, traditional ropes and stanchions, portable railing systems, permanent railing systems etc. This...

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Glaro Glider Bellman Carts Review

If you are in the market for affordable yet beautifully designed bellman carts (also known as luggage carts), Glider Bellman Carts are a great solution to consider.  In addition to the manufacturer’s quality and overall design, it is remarkable to find a USA manufacturer that produces as many...

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Benefits of Modular “Create Your Own” Recycling Stations

Glaro, a leading USA manufacturer of waste receptacles, recently introduced a new format to present its recycling receptacles: Glaro RecyclePro modular recycling stations. The only system of its kind, Glaro all metal modular recycling stations, are the largest and most versatile line of metal recycling containers on the market...

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Glaro Releases New Product Lines of Aluminum Shelving, Coat Racks, Umbrella Stands and Wet Umbrella Bag Holders for Immediate Shipment

Hi everyone, Thanks for stopping by. We just wanted to share our latest press release with you which details lots of new economical, quality product lines from Glaro Inc. You can read more details on the release ( and download full product specs and details on our company website...

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What are the benefits of using heavy duty inner steel liner cans with aluminum bottoms in my waste and recycling receptacles?

Many of us are used to plastic trash cans at home: a simple plastic molded receptacle that accepts plastic bag inserts. However, outside of the home, and especially in commercial and public environments, a heavy duty inner receptacle, often manufactured from steel, is the product of choice. What exactly...

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8 Benefits of Using Custom Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles

Should I consider custom waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, and trash cans? For those who have decided that a generic recycling or waste receptacle just won’t do, customized waste receptacles, trash cans and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor use from reputable receptacles manufacturers are always strong options to consider....

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