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What are the benefits of using heavy duty inner steel liner cans with aluminum bottoms in my waste and recycling receptacles?

Many of us are used to plastic trash cans at home: a simple plastic molded receptacle that accepts plastic bag inserts. However, outside of the home, and especially in commercial and public environments, a heavy duty inner receptacle, often manufactured from steel, is the product of choice. What exactly...

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8 Benefits of Using Custom Waste Receptacles and Recycling Receptacles

Should I consider custom waste receptacles, recycling receptacles, and trash cans? For those who have decided that a generic recycling or waste receptacle just won’t do, customized waste receptacles, trash cans and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor use from reputable receptacles manufacturers are always strong options to consider....

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Custom Silk Screened Messaging on Recycling Receptacles vs. Stick On Decals

While in the past, silk screening was often limited to use on fabrics and paper, the technology and processes behind silk screening have improved significantly. Silk screening can be used on almost any surface, including metal waste receptaclesand recycling receptacles. Why should I make sure I buy recycling receptacles...

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Should I Buy Metal Waste Receptacles?

Is Purchasing Metal Waste Receptacles The Right Choice? You have a lot of choices today when purchasing waste receptacles. With materials and design options ranging from concrete to wicker to plastic to metal, waste receptacles are a surprisingly large and sometimes complicated product category to navigate through. In some...

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