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What Size Umbrellas Fit Into Glaro Wet Umbrella Bags?

­Glaro Inc. wet umbrella bags are designed to fit umbrellas of all sizes, including standard and tote sizes. Glaro bags are 31” h X 7” w, making them among the largest umbrella bags available. A separate bag system is not required for tote umbrellas because Glaro bags are designed...

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Will Glaro Inc. Wet Umbrella Bags Fit Onto The Stands Of Non-Glaro Brands?

If you are researching wet umbrella bags and want to know if Glaro’s bags will fit into the stands of non-Glaro brands, read below: Glaro Inc. wet umbrella bags are designed with two elongated whole openings that are spaced approximately 3.25” on center. Each horizontally elongated slot is approx....

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