Glaro Inc. rigid plastic inner liners for receptaclesGlaro Dealers:

Most receptacles manufactured by Glaro Inc. now come standard with removable plastic inner liners.

What this means for you:

  • Inner liners (made from removable heavy-duty molded plastic) are easier for Janitorial staff to clean
  • Because liners are lighter in weight, shipping costs are less
  • Rigid molded liners are made from recycled plastic and are post-consumer recyclable
  • Liners are custom molded to fit all existing Glaro Inc. receptacle lines
  • Steel inner liners for round receptacles will continue to be available upon request (at an additional cost).
  • Most waste receptacles have been upgraded to include plastic liners.

Recycling Receptacle Lines

  • Single purpose recycling receptacles now have a single round removable molded plastic liner.
  • Molded plastic inner liners may be purchased separately for the Value line and Connected Stations which do not include liners.
  • Dual purpose recycling receptacles will now have two separate molded half round plastic inner liners.
  • Triple purpose recycling receptacles now have two separate molded half round plastic inner liners. One of those two liners will hold two poly bags.
  • Only the BPW-20 triple purpose receptacle will continue to have a removable steel liner.

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