"Glaro-Glider" Value Condo Carts

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When an economical cart is needed to transport a large capacity of diverse items such as groceries, shopping bags, clothing, luggage, golf clubs, sports equipment, audio-visual equipment, conference supplies, or housekeeping supplies, a Glaro Glider Value Condo Cart is the ideal solution.

Dual Function, Double Capacity Carts At A Value

The “Glaro Glider” Value Condo Cart has been designed to be a convertible cart that performs two primary functions: as a Bellman Cart and as a Condo Cart. As a bellman cart it carries hanging clothes and luggage. As a Condominium Cart, when used with its additional shelf, it doubles its capacity while transporting a large variety of small and large objects as well as hanging items.

This unusual cart delivers high performance at a low cost. As a member of the Value Cart Line another distinguishing feature is the solid machined aluminum disc hooks at the top for providing additional hanging capacity. Condo carts feature many of the same attributes and technology as other Glaro luggage cart models. They feature 1” diameter, heavy wall, solid aluminum tubing, used for the upper frame. All models are standard with four or six solid rubber casters.

What Is A Condo Cart?

By adding a removable shelf and containment rails to the standard Value Bellman Cart, Glaro has created a highly functional and versatile condo cart ideal for use in residential settings such as condominiums and apartment buildings, as well as hospitality, healthcare, educational, commercial, and government facilities. The Condo Carts can be used alongside of the matching Value Bellman Carts.

Sizes Available & Design Options

Offered in 40” and 48” lengths with a choice of carpet colors and optional vinyl deck coverings for the main deck and shelf, the removable shelf has four detachable telescoping containment rails that secure contents during transport. Another set of removable side containment rails is provided for the main deck. Glaro’s Condo Carts are designed to convert to standard luggage carts in minutes without tools by removing the lift off shelf and containment rails. A durable solid aluminum disc hook, at the top on each side, is provided to accommodate hanging items.

Four Wheel Design

Glaro offers the four wheel version in 40”, and 48” lengths. These models parallel the six wheel models by conveniently moving luggage, supplies, and equipment. Glaro four wheel condo carts have a wider turning radius than the six wheel carts and have almost as much load capacity. Two swivel and two fixed position casters are standard.

Six Wheel Design

The unique engineering and design provide what other carts do not; the ability to pivot in place on a central axis. Glaro has coined the term “pinpoint maneuverability” to describe this feature. As a result an operator can maintain complete, precise, and safe control with minimum effort. These 40” and 48” length carts are designed to be pushed or pulled while standing at either end.

Engineered and designed for efficiency, the six wheel condo luggage carts have a hi-tech swivel caster mounted in each corner and two rigid casters in the center of the chassis to provide a pivot point. Eight inch diameter non-marking, solid rubber or pneumatic, shock-absorbing, ball bearing casters guarantee a quiet smooth ride. This design insures a high level of accuracy which is especially useful when maneuvering in and around elevators, turning corners, and moving through doorways or other tight spaces, while reducing building damage and potential personal injuries.

Crafted and Rigorously Tested In the USA

Glaro Glider” Six Wheel Condo Carts are manufactured by hand and then rigorously tested. The intensive evaluation process ensures that each bellman cart meets the Glaro Inc. quality standards.

Customize Condo Carts

Glaro Value Condo Carts have several carpet and vinyl color choices for the deck covering. The tubular structural sections are available in two metal finishes (satin aluminum and tarnish proof satin brass) and 29 designer powder coat colors. Carpet and finish samples maybe requested. Custom carpet logos are offered for larger orders. Black or grey may be selected for casters and bumper colors.

Condo Cart Features and Benefits

  • 1 inch diameter tubular construction (1.5 inch diameter on platform trucks)
  • Outstanding value
  • 40” and 48” lengths
  • Four wheel and Six wheel models
  • Six wheel models deliver “pinpoint maneuverability”
  • Built for indoor/outdoor use
  • Up to 1500-2000 lb. load capacities
  • Standard eight inch diameter non-marking ball bearing solid rubber casters
  • Optional pneumatic casters
  • Non-marking black or gray bumpers and casters
  • Closed loop commercial all-weather carpeting
  • Choice of deck coverings – several carpet colors and two vinyl colors
  • Satin aluminum and tarnish-proof satin brass metal finishes
  • 29 baked on smooth and textured powder coat finishes
  • Tough steel chassis with rust preventative bake coating
  • Heavy gauge rustproof all weather aluminum tubular frame
  • Optional removable side containment rails
  • Manufactured with recycled materials
  • Carts are post-consumer recyclable
  • Two year factory warrantee
  • Ships UPS

Condominium carts Manufactured in the U.S.A by Glaro craftsmen.

If you have any questions about our condo carts, call (888) 234-1050 to speak to a member of the Glaro Sales team.

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