Glaro Continues Manufacturing Wipes Dispensers to Fight Against COVID-19

Glaro Inc. is open for business. Government certified as an “Essential Business,” we continue to manufacture Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers and Receptacles.

Join The Fight Against COVID-19 and feature wipes dispensers on your website. Most Models Include 1 roll of Wipes per Dispenser (at an additional cost)

Glaro is also known for producing collections of Waste Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Umbrella Stands, Clothing Racks, Bellman Carts, Crowd Control, Coat Hanging Equipment, Sign Frames and Wet Umbrella Bag Holders.

Glaro’s Newly Expanded Sanitizing Wipes Dispenser Line is now the LARGEST Selection Available Anywhere and is Made in the USA.

10 Unique Wipe Dispenser Models. Choose from (6) Floor Standing models, (2) Wall Mounted models or (2) Connected Wipe Dispenser Stations.

Offered in 30 Unique Finishes. Glaro’s World-recognized Satin Aluminum is available on ALL models. Additionally, there are 29 textured and smooth Designer Powder Coat colors applicable to ALL models.

Dispensers with Waste Disposal. Glaro features (4) different Wipe Dispenser/Station models with an independent trash bin for disposing used wipes.

Dispensers with Extra Wipe Storage. On models without trash bins, Glaro Dispensers feature storage capacity for (2) auxiliary wipe rolls.

Hoping you & your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Glaro is here to help! Call (888) 234-1050 for more information.


Robert Betensky, CEO