Glaro Inc. Gym Wipes & Gym Wipes Dispensers

Wipe out harmful germs and bacteria in your gym.

From locker rooms to exercise mats to cardio machines, gyms and fitness centers are inundated with germs, bacteria, and other potential threats to health. In addition to being exposed to health risks while at the gym, members can unknowingly transport bacteria home, potentially infecting their entire household.

About Glaro Inc. Gym Wipe Stations

Glaro Inc. sells various types of gym wipe dispenser stations including:

  • Floor Standing Gym Wipes Dispensers
  • Wall Mounted Gym Wipes Dispensers
  • Tabletop Gym Wipes Dispensers
  • Wipe Stations including Dispenser, Wipe Storage & Waste Receptacle
Glaro Floor Standing Gym Wipes Dispenser
Glaro Floor Standing Gym Wipes Dispenser
Glaro Tabletop Dispensers
Glaro Gym Wipe Stations
Glaro Mount Gym Wipes Dispensers
Glaro Wall Mounted Gym Wipes Dispenser

Wipes sold separately. Replacement wipes available. They are in stock and ready to ship [rolls of 2 or 4 per case].

Why A Clean Gym Is Essential to Customer Retention & Driving New Membership

In a COVID-19 or even post-COVID era, gyms must stay clean and safe. Keeping gyms as germ free as possible is more important than ever. It’s a necessary investment in order to help protect the health of all facility staff and visitors. Cleanliness is also one of the most important factors patrons take into consideration when choosing to visit or sign up to be a member of a fitness center.

The Solution: Glaro Incorporated FDA Approved Gym Wipes

Gym sanitizing wipes are one of the best ways to prevent germs from being transmitted from one person to another. They can be used to clean and sanitize nonporous surfaces which both prevents the spread of germs and controls dust as well. Wet wipes for gyms are also ideal for home gym equipment.

Use Wipes to:

  • Kill 99.9% of Common Germs
  • Stop Cross-Contamination
  • Keep Visitors Safe

For multi-location gyms, larger gyms, and single location gyms alike, the optimal solution is installing Glaro gym wipe dispenser stations in strategic locations throughout your facilities. Wipes stations will empower members to clean their equipment when switching from machine to machine.

How to Order Gym Equipment Wipes & Gym Wipes Dispensers from Glaro Inc.

Ordering gym equipment wipes and gym wipes dispensers is easy.

If you are a gym or fitness chain, Glaro Inc.’s customer service team can help you find an approved distributor.  If you are a Glaro Inc. dealer, please contact our Customer Service department at (888) 234-1050 who will assist you with your purchase. Non-dealers or distributors can purchase gym wipe dispensers through our expansive network of online e-tailers, national distribution channels, print catalogs, and local retailers.

If your organization is interested in becoming an Official Glaro Dealer, please visit our Become A Dealer page for more information.

Glaro Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers Features & Benefits

Wipes are commonly positioned in high and low traffic areas within gyms and health clubs. We recommend strategically placing the antibacterial gym wipes dispensers in convenient, easy to find, locations, where they will be noticed and used more frequently.

  • Wipes are FDA approved for use on surfaces.
  • Wipes are ammonia-free, bleach-free and will kill 99.9% of common germs.
  • Wipes formula includes water, Benzalkonium chloride, and aloe.
  • Wipes are absorbent .
  • A single wipe is ideal for cleaning soiled equipment, objects, and surfaces. For badly soiled surfaces, a second wipe is recommended to ensure the object is properly sanitized.
  • Some floor standing units include heavy weighted bases for added stability in the unit.
  • Unique double push-button mechanism that keeps the cover securely in place when wipes are pulled from the dispenser.
  • The wipes roll can easily be replaced by pushing the two buttons on either side of the top cover, and when done, the cover snaps quickly back into place.

Questions? Contact Glaro Inc.

Contact our customer service department at (888) 234-1050 who will assist you with your questions.

Other Tips to Help Protect Gym Members from Contacting an Infection in a Gym

Here are some additional tips for keeping yourself safe from infection at the gym:

  • Wipe down everything. This includes sweaty gym equipment, mats, weights, door handles, and lockers.
  • Bring your own mat. If you cannot, then be careful to thoroughly clean any community mats before using.
  • Avoid using towels supplied by the gym if possible. Bring your own towel. If you cannot, use paper towels instead.
  • Wash your hands as often as you can.
  • Change into clean clothes immediately after getting home. Bathe and groom yourself as needed.

FAQs About Sanitizing Gym Wipes

Fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, weight benches, free weights, and mats should be wiped down before and after use. FDA-approved gym wipes help reduce risk of infection and disease because they help kill 99.9% of common germs by sanitizing surfaces.

When wiping down the equipment, the entire surface area of the gym equipment should be thoroughly wiped, and the machine should be left to completely dry (at least 2-3 minutes) before the next member can use it. This drying period allows the solution found in fitness equipment cleaning wipes to destroy bacteria.

We recommend consulting your manufacturer’s instructions to see which cleaning products are safe to use.

According to studies, presaturated wipes produce much better results when compared to spray or liquid-based cleaners. Using gym wipes is more convenient than using spray bottles. Just pull and wipe without the extra steps and risks of mixing your own chemicals.

We recommend cleaning the gym equipment several times per week especially yoga mats, dumbbells, treadmills, and other equipment that are being used more often. Members should wipe down machines after every use.

Dispense Glaro’s gym wipes and meticulously wipe down the mat by applying force with your hand. Use repeat motions. Finish off with a dry paper towel or rag, if needed.

In addition to gyms, Glaro gym wipes dispensers and wipes can be used in health clubs, hospitals, health care facilities, clinics, nursing homes, schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, and much more.

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